Practicing yoga when pregnant can be a wonderful choice of physical exercise. Yoga helps improve strength and flexibility required for childbirth, it’s infinitely relaxing for both the mother and the growing baby, and can help prepare for the birthing process with a focus on breathing techniques. A pregnancy yoga class is also a great way to…

The 8 limbs of yoga refers to the work of Patanjali, in his Yoga Sutras. This text was designed to act as guidelines on how to live a life of purpose, following a step-by-step path to enlightenment. It includes how to act morally and ethically with self-discipline and towards a spiritual existence. These 8 limbs of…

The Ashtanga yoga primary series is the first of six Ashtanga yoga series. It’s Sanskrit name “Chikitsa” can be broadly translated as Yoga Therapy. The aim of this primary series is to heal and purify the body and prepare your mind for the more advanced levels of Ashtanga.

There are many benefits of yoga, including physical, mental and spiritual. However, certain benefits can be applied specifically to the female of the species. Benefits of yoga for women include helping with fertility, easing menstrual tensions, assisting during pregnancy and preventing osteoporosis.

A common question from beginners before their first class is regarding what yoga clothes to wear. Can I use something I already have in my wardrobe, or do I need to buy something specific? Here are a few dos and dont’s for what to wear for maximum comfort and effectiveness during practice.

There are a lot of people out there looking to take up yoga and everyone has to start somewhere. The good news is that yoga classes are very welcoming and friendly environments for beginners – generally most people want to help, not hinder.

There are the many well-known health benefits of yoga. These include improving flexibility and balance, building strength and endurance, developing focus and concentration, de-stressing and helping with sleep. Yoga can also help you maintain a strong, healthy spine through a better posture.