Choosing the right yoga studio is essential to ensure you will practice yoga in the right environment, with the right teacher for your level and style.

The vast majority of yoga studios will offer some form of Introductory class, or at least a Drop-In option so you can trial the classes and the facilities before signing up for one of their packages. Packages are usually monthly or longer, depending on the studio, and your requirements.

Finding a London yoga studio suited to you

5 things to consider when comparing London yoga studios

It is worth spending some time researching and trying a few yoga studios before signing up. Even if a studio is recommended to you by a friend, yoga is personal and everyone has different requirements and expectations. Fortunately, London is abundant with excellent yoga classes for every style, postcode and budget.

Yoga Classes in London

(1) Your yoga studio will be part of your life

First and foremost, your yoga studio will become part of your life. Whether it be part of your life for five days a week or one day a month, it will become a place you go to learn, practice, unwind, challenge yourself, meet new people and grow as an individual, and as a yogi.

Take advantage of introductory sessions offered by yoga studios to trial their classes, teachers and facilities. This way you will get a good idea of whether the studio is for you. Don’t be afraid to try a few before deciding!

(2) Choose a yoga studio that offers your type of yoga

Choosing a yoga studio is often much more than just finding a studio that offers the types of yoga, you wish to practice. Although, this will naturally be a primary deciding factor as there is no point hitting a Bikram class if your primary desire is to relax!

Ask about the full range of styles practiced at the studio. If you are a beginner to yoga also discuss with the yoga teachers which type of yoga might suit your interests.

(3) Choose a yoga studio that is accessible for you

London is a city known for it’s excellent tube and bus network. Travelling is part of everyday life in the capital. However, choosing a yoga studio that is close to your home or place of work could make keeping up practice a little easier.

Fortunately London has an abundance of excellent yoga studios right across town so you will be spoiled for choice. 

(4) Choose a yoga studio that suits your budget

Different yoga studios will have different pricing structures. Some may naturally be more expensive than others, depending on area, facilities, opening hours, size of class, plus other variables. To access lower rates per session, it usually means committing to a membership for at least a month. Membership for three months to 12 months will make it much more cost effective.

This is a key reason why it pays to make sure you are committed and happy with your choice in advance. 

(5) Find a teacher that you can connect with

Yoga is wonderful in that it tends to bring together like-minded individuals searching for something positive to add to their lives. However, finding a teacher who you relate to their teaching style can encourage you in your yoga practice, especially as a beginner to yoga.

Try a couple of classes on different days of the week to see if you find a yoga teacher you prefer. Often good teachers are popular though so there may be a waiting list for their classes. It therefore helps to be on the ball with signing up.

Yoga in London

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