Savasana, also known as Corpse Pose, is the final pose in many yoga classes. On the surface it looks like the easiest pose of all. I mean, how hard can it be lying on your back, palms facing upwards, eyes closed?

However, many yoga masters would explain that Savasana is actually the hardest pose. It is also considered widely by yoga teachers as the most important pose to finish your yoga practice. Here are three reasons benefits of Savasana pose.

Savasana pose

Throughout a typical yoga class, you will move through a series of asanas (poses) aimed to increase your heart rate, strengthen your muscles and leave your joints feeling more flexible.

Depending on the type of yoga, will depend how fast or slow the sequence and how deep the stretches and movements are.

With Savasana though, the pose involves simply lying there, motionless, “dead still”, with your limbs relaxed, your palms facing the ceiling and your eyes closed.

Sometimes your teacher will allow five minutes for Savasana, sometimes longer. It depends on their teaching style. Ten minutes to 12 minutes is considered a good length of time to not get restless.

Savasana allows your body to mentally digest the class, the sequence and all the benefits of your yoga practice. It allows the energy to settle and your mind and body to calm, before you get back into every-day life; running for the bus, dodging people in the street and getting frustrated at the queue in the supermarket.

Savasana pose and restorative yoga

Savasana pose is rated by yoga experts as being excellent for your overall health.

It calms your body and mind and promotes good sleep and a positive mental attitude. It could also help with issues related to high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and depression, as well as headaches and low energy levels.

Restorative yoga in general is considered great to mix-in amongst your other yoga classes.

Even if you are more into intense types of yoga like Power and Bikram, Restorative yoga can be a way to balance, restore and revitalise.

A Restorative yoga sequence usually involves only a handful of poses. Props are often integrated to ensure you can completely rest and relax. It is highly likely that Savasana will feature during a Restorative yoga practice.

Meditation for Beginners

Savasana is often a good way to start learning the basics for meditation. After an energetic practice it is common you may feel so relieved to finally rest your muscles, that your mind and body are both exhausted so you have no choice but to just switch-off.

Often relaxing and clearing the mind is the biggest hurdle with meditation for beginners.

Using Savasana as a practice pose could actually lead the way to helping your meditation technique.

it is possible you can use the Savasana pose to gradually learn the technique of clearing your mind, focusing on your breathing and bringing your awareness to remaining completely still.

It may not happen the first time, or the second, however if you learn to embrace Savasana as an important part of your your practice, you can reap the many benefits of this relaxing pose.