The UK has been in lockdown for one month now. How are you feeling? Are you barely surviving, or are you thriving? Many people I speak with, after the initial adjustment period, are now pulling back their shoulders and finding productive and creative things to fill their time. Many are using the headspace for reflection and planning – mapping out what they want from life, post-lockdown.

A2 Project

The staying at home seems to be the easy part. What people are finding most difficult, is the separation from the people they love – family who may be miles apart, laughter and connection with friends, and an underlying concern for the vulnerable loved ones who are alone.

This is exactly what motivated Nitsan, a good friend (and the designer for I Yoga London!) to create a way to bridge the physical gap of being apart by sending stylish, handwritten cards, the old fashioned way!

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With so many emails flying around in our digital world, why not send something more personal than a text message?

Handwritten cards like this can be even more personal than a phone call – who doesn’t feel loved when they get post these days?

It offers real connection in the absence of a hug, or a kiss, or a touch of the hand – things which we are all missing at the moment.

10% of profits donated to Age UK

“We believe in supporting charities during these difficult times. 10% of all profits will be donated in your name to Age UK, a charity that is providing vital support for vulnerable older people.” Nitsan Dror (A2 Project)

So, IYL is sharing a lot of love for this lovely project!

To find out more and see the designs available – visit the A2 Project webpage.

It’s a time to share the love! If you have a creative project that has been inspired from the lockdown, that you would like I Yoga London to share, please send details to