Yoga in London has grown exponentially in recent years. There are new yoga studios popping up in all corners of the city, as well as enthusiastic yoga teachers running classes in their homes, in gyms, church halls, schools and parks. Even garages are being put to good use! The word of yoga and it’s benefits are spreading.

Choosing a yoga studio

When it comes to choosing a yoga studio, class or teacher, there are many factors that could sway your decision.

  • The location – it helps if your class is not a two hour tube ride from your home or place of work, although for some it is worth the travelling time!
  • The teachers – how experienced are the teacher/s, and do they offer the style of yoga you wish to practice or develop?
  • The facilities – what a studio offers varies significantly. Some more established studios have their own cafe and juice bar, others an on-site shop. The facilities on offer from smaller classes held in churches will be more simple, but could include things like mat hire and parking.
  • The right level for you – does the studio or teacher cater for your level? If you are a beginner it is important to get the correct attention from the start. Similarly, if you are advanced you will want to be stretched – literally (!) – to reach new limits.
  • The price – most yoga studios have a range of options in terms of the price, from “Drop-In” to Annual membership. For teachers offering one-to-one lessons they will usually have an hourly rate for an individual, or a small group, if you choose to team-up with your partner or friend.

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Try a Drop-In class first

It is usually a good idea to try a class or two to see if you like the studio, the facilities and the teaching style. After which, you may decide to sign up to a monthly membership or buy a pack of class-passes, as this inevitably works out more cost effective if you do a couple of classes per week.

How much is a Drop-In yoga class in London?

yoga-in-london-price-of-drop-in-classLike memberships, the price of a Drop-In yoga class varies significantly.

Hot yoga classes tend to be slightly more expensive than regular classes. It is also important to note if the class is 1 hour or an alternative duration as the price usually changes accordingly.

I Yoga London collected data from 100 yoga studios and classes in London and discovered that the average price of a Drop-In yoga class is £15.50.

This included a couple of specialist yoga studios though, with a higher than normal rate, so removing these from the calculations gave an average of closer to £13.00.

Most Drop-In classes though, were priced between £10 and £15. The cheapest of those included in our calculations was £7.00.

If you are running a yoga class, are your pricing your Drop-In classes competitively? Are you good value? Do you have any special offers for Beginners yoga? Leave a comment below.