Even if you haven’t been on a yoga retreat you may have a good idea what one entails. Daily yoga classes are a given, and many have several classes each day. Also on the agenda you can expect to see a combination of holisitic treatments, meditation time, healthy meals, nature walks and swimming as well as the chance to just relax, either on your own or with other people on the yoga retreat. Basically the aim of the game is relaxation, rejuvenation, renewal of energy and time for you. Sound good?

Why go on a yoga retreat?

Yoga is known for it’s many health benefits and stress relief is one of the main ones.

In the fast-paced world we live in today, it is important to keep our stress levels in check. Before we know it, stress and anxiety can creep up on us and can even make us unwell.

Essentially, a yoga retreat is an opportunity for you to recharge the batteries and allow your body time to heal, on whatever level that may be.

This prolonged period of relaxation also helps work as a preventative method by keeping you fit and healthy, physically and mentally.

Of course, regular yoga practice is certainly known to do all this too.

However, if you live in a busy city like London, a yoga retreat offers that real break away from it all.

6 reasons to book a yoga retreat this year

You are feeling under pressure.

This could be from work stresses, commuting, draining relationships, family issues, or any number of reasons. However, if you are constantly in a state of anxiety, with your heart beat running a notch above normal, then consider a yoga retreat this year.

You have trouble sleeping. 

Usually trouble sleeping is linked to an over-active mind and inability to relax, so a yoga retreat could definitely help you get your sleeping patterns back in line.

You feel distracted and unmotivated.

Are you struggling to focus and feel unmotivated in your work, or life in general? A peaceful yoga retreat with plenty of meditation time could certainly allow you to reconnect with yourself and discover the obstacles that are holding you back.

You are indecisive and want to make changes, but can’t. 

When we juggle too many things at once it is hard to concentrate on things that really matter. It takes time to quiet the mind and listen to what we really want from life. Only then can decisions be made with clarity. A yoga retreat will help you find the mental space to make decisions.

You can’t remember the last time you felt relaxed. 

Everyone has busy schedules these days and it doesn’t take long for a week to slip through the net. If you haven’t allowed any time for you lately, a yoga retreat is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Why not take a friend too, for some quality time together, if you have been neglecting your social life lately too.

You feel like life is passing you by. 

This is another syndrome of not allowing yourself any down-time. Life may seem like it is passing you by. Know that feeling? If you constantly feel too busy or are constantly running late for appointments then you are probably biting off more than you can chew. Consider a yoga retreat to slow your life down a notch or two.

Yoga Retreat London

Yoga retreats come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just a day retreat, somewhere in the country within an hour from your home. Others are dotted all over the world and may last from a few days to a few weeks. It just depends what you preference is and your budget of course.

Many established yoga studios in London run their own retreats.